A life without the internet

Mid of March Bali celebrated “Nyepi” (Silence Day) — one of the most important Hindu holidays on the island. It was a great experience to be in Bali on this special day. During “Nyepi” it is strictly forbidden to leave your home, make loud noises and use light or fire. This year the government decided to shut down the internet for 24 hours. I enjoyed the forced digital detox, but it made me also think about our dependency on the internet and the essential role it plays in our daily life. Would we be able to do our jobs properly, stay in touch with our friends who live abroad, get the best hotel deal, or find the right answer without access to a search engine or social media?

I also thought about internet regulations in several countries and our privilege to have access to knowledge. Former US president Barack Obama once said, “today, high-speed broadband is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”

2018 still 3.8 billion people have no Internet access according to Facebook. I belong to the generation who has grown up without the reliance and dependence upon it, but I cannot imagine a life without it anymore.

How would our society fare without the Internet, if it suddenly “went off-line”? How would your life change? Ever thought about it?

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